Frames of freedom

These two photographs are for Blogadda’s Frames of Freedom contest.

Diving in

Freedom — to be out in nature, pitting yourself against the elements, young and wild and free!

I took this photograph of a young boy poised to dive into the river on a trip to Lancedown.

* This picture won the Frames of Freedom contest!

Afternoon lunch

Freedom is also about being able to do your own thing, to find time to get together with friends and share a few laughs and a few cares.

I took this picture of two women in JNU, as they sat down in the field together to enjoy their afternoon meal.

* This picture was mentioned as a great shot

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22 thoughts on “Frames of freedom

  1. Great photos,
    thanks for the comment, I am following you on twitter now as well,
    you asked me what camera I’m using, it’s Nikon D5000, I only started my adventure with photography recently,and even intend to take beginers photography course in September, so my Macro shots and other could be better
    have a lovely day

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  3. Congratulations on your win! What a catch on the lens, a sec delay and you would miss the shot! I especially loved the first picture, right click at the right time!

  4. hey lovely pics and wonderful thoughts. New definition to freedom and only someone who invokes creativity in oneself can think of something so different …Congratulations for winning the contest, i voted for your pic 🙂

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