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Terrorism – created in response to 9/11

I had created this spread in response to 9/11 a few days after terrorists tore into the Twin Towers in NYC. Although that event was the catalyst, I had actually been thinking a lot about terrorism around that time — partly because of the terrorist activity India was witnessing in Kashmir, the Godhra riots – in the backdrop of which I married my Muslim boyfriend (I’m a Hindu, and 8 years on, we are happily married!), and as I was reading about the IRA’s fight for freedom from England.

The collage was too violent when I first made it; I toned it down a bit by layering a wash of white paint over the images to both bring the entire collage together and tone down the violence a bit.

Since there was so much I wanted to say, I used a flap to depict the IRA’s struggle, insert a quote from Bobby Sands, an IRA member, and to pen down a few of my own thoughts.


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