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Architectural Marvels #1

Architecture fascinates me. Take the Ba’hai Temple in Delhi, India (similar to Sydney’s Opera House) – how did engineers structure the concrete to form the petal shape that is iconic to both these structures?

When modern architecture is so fascinating, imagine how much more enchanting ancient architecture can be. Take this picture, for example. It’s the roof of a centograph in Madore, Jodhpur, handcrafted in rock in a time before machines and moulds. Each of the 8 female figures on the dome is carved in a different pose – one playing the cymbal, another the flute, and another a drum. Some of the detailing has worn off with age, but close examination shows the care with which details have been carved.

The concentric carved rings of the central dome have been planned in such a way that when viewed from below they look like carved lace, but when examined closely, the carving, though detailed and symmetrical, is not very fine. Without the help of computer modeling, design moulds or mechanical tools, these artisans of yore created poetry in stone.

The Architectural Marvels series is an ode to these long-forgotten craftsmen.

Click on the image to enlarge.


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