Begging for alms

The tiny town of Pushkar offers some beautiful photography options – some of which come at a price. You have sadhus asking for money if you photograph them, and beggars dressed up as Indian deities who will allow you to click pictures of them for a payment.

I’ve generally walked away from taking pictures when people demand to be paid, but now I wonder…

What about you? Would you pay to get a great shot during your travels, or would you rather walk away?

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12 thoughts on “Begging for alms

  1. What a touching yet heartbreaking shot. I wouldn’t mind paying for a shot because at least your giving them something…maybe that will pay for a meal or two for them.

    I don’t see a follower widget? But I’ll add your blog URL to my followers. Nice to meet you, beautiful blog!

    • Hi CM!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog! 

      You offer an interesting perspective on paying for photographs – I guess since poverty is so rampant here in India, we tend not to think that way. After all, how many people can you give money to? 

      Re GFC, wordpress doesn’t allow the addition of that widget. There are a lot of other ways to follow the blog, though!

  2. Your blog is wonderful. I am so glad you visited my blog and became a follower because now I am following you. Your photo’s are beautiful. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

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