Gotcha my feathered friend!


It’s good to be messy sometimes. Since returing from Jaipur last week, I’ve neglected to return my camera back to its designated storage area. So when this dove alighted on my terrace, I was able to grab the camera, sneak open the balcony door, and fire off a few shots before it flew away.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you might get a sense of deja-vu. That’s because I was lucky enough to be able to grab a similar opportunity a while back; here’s the result from that afternoon.


7 thoughts on “Gotcha my feathered friend!

  1. Neat shot 🙂
    I too have clicked the birds that sit in the balcony a number of times. And before starting a dedicated photoblog used to post them on the main blog.

    P.S. Thats the Spotted Dove I think

    • Ah! See, now I thought it was a dove, but then I got a bit confused, so refrained from naming it 😉

      It’s interesting to be able to shoot birds that alight on the balcony. For this kind of spontaneous shot I find it much easier to use the Sony. With the Canon, by the time I change lenses, the opportunity is lost. In some cases hyperzooms are better than SLRs, I say!

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