Jaigarh: mighty invaders


Sometimes all it takes is a keen eye and quick reflexes to get a shot that you love. While walking through Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur, instead of focusing only on the architecture and people, on the huge canon and the beautiful views stretching across the horizon, I looked around in unexpected places to see if there was a moment I could immortalize. Looking out from a thin slit on the fort wall, meant for soldiers to push their rifles through, I saw these two might invaders perched on the fort wall. Don’t they look like they’re conducting a recee of the area, discussing among themselves how best to launch an attack?


6 thoughts on “Jaigarh: mighty invaders

  1. Hee hee! They do! They look like they’re discussing how best to scale that tree – though bird #2 seems to be having some issues getting up there LOL! Nice shot!

  2. I do not feel my space is about to be invaded, but I do admire their vantage point – a place out of my reach. While one is pecking for food, the other is scouting for predators.

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