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iPhoneography: Morning coffee

Morning coffee

iPhone photography is becoming quite a rage, and with good reason. It’s hard to go everywhere with your camera in tow, so most often we have our trusty little mobile camera is the one that gets used most often. With the iPhone, you have the added advantage of having tons of great photography apps as well, some of which allow you to post process, others that let you capture images for some cool effects. This has given to rise to a number of sites devoted to iPhone photography – there are app reviews and giveaways, photography books published using images shot on the iPhone, and even an art show of iPhotos!

The picture above was shot using the The Little Orange Box camera in the Retro Camera app. No other post-processing involved. Pretty cool, huh?


8 thoughts on “iPhoneography: Morning coffee

  1. I have a droid with a cool camera app. It is fun to play with and is always with me. It amazes me what these smart phones can do. I love the photo you posted. What fun!

  2. I got my first smart phone last month so I am learning all the little tricks of the trade. The camera is so much more advanced then my old cell phone.

  3. I haven’t jumped on the smart phone bandwagon yet. I don’t think I’m ready for a phone that is smarter than I am! I do, however, keep my DSLR no more than one room away at most times… : )

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