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Culturally yours: Battery Park Dance Festival

2011 Battery Park Dance Festival, New York

Culture should be made accessible to the masses. Pricing plays, concerts and dance recitals at an attractive price point is a step in the right direction. Better still is making it free. Like the Battery Park Dance Festival in New York City every August. Held in the open air, on a platform erected outside an office building, the festival is open to anyone who has the time and the inclination to attend. And there was quite a crowd. In fact, a lot of people came down from their offices to have lunch and take in some of the performances before heading back to work.

On the first day that I attended the festival, I was pleasantly surprised to see an Incredible India! poster proudly displayed at the venue. You may think that living in India, I would have had my fill of Indian dance forms. You would be far from the truth. Dance performances in India are, a lot of times, by invitation only, or are held on weekdays when it’s difficult to attend. I’ve seen more Rajasthani dance performances than more popular forms like Kathak. This was my chance to experience Indian dance forms live, ironically, far, far away from home!

In the picture above, the dancer is performing the Ganesh Vandana, a prayer in dance form to invoke the Indian deity Lord Ganesh.

Yay for making culture accessible to the masses!


10 thoughts on “Culturally yours: Battery Park Dance Festival

  1. I’m absolutely for making cultural events free! If you’re every in India again, here is a tip: the best place for cultural performances is a University, especially one with a Performing Arts faculty. These usually have regular performances, from pretty good artists.

  2. I love learning about other cultures. This up coming semester in school I am taking intercultural communication. It’s a possible required class but I am excited about it

  3. One of the things I truly loved about college were all the different Cultural Nights. You got to learn about a new culture, see the dances and the beautiful costume attire, have the ability to buy clothing and jewelry, and try the cultural food. I enjoyed it immensely.

    One of the things I really like about living in Los Angeles is the celebration of so many different cultures too. There are a lot of fun festivals throughout the year that you can partake in.

  4. One of the best parts of living in a city is the ability to ‘visit’ other countries & experience different cultures, even if you’re far from the actual country. Thank you for sharing this little bit of India, in New York.

  5. My comment is a repeat of Lisa’s. I so agree that it is one of my most favourite pastimes in life. To learn about others’ culture. (and religion’s). What a treat this must have been for you!

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