Captivating sunsets

There’s something majestic about nature – its colors, shapes, and forms…its sheer beauty and power. Sunsets have always captivated me, as God paints the sky in differing hues from soft pastels to fiery oranges all in the matter of minutes – it’s transcendental, ephemeral, and astoundingly beautiful. It fills my soul with love and beauty, with joy and gratitude, with the satisfaction of a day spent constructively (most times) and the hope for a brand new start.


3 thoughts on “Captivating sunsets

  1. Oh I’m so happy you’re sharing some of your photography! I’m huge on sunsets. When I first moved to California I spent many evenings capturing the sunsets. It’s been awhile since I’ve captured one, but it’s due. I especially love when the clouds light up like in your picture!

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