Spring: A burst of color

The cool breeze fans my cheek, blows my hair around my face. I’m brimming over with joy…with gratitude…for this sudden respite from the hot, humid Delhi summer. Spring has come and gone…the sun beats down relentlessly on most days, but this respite, today, is a blessing.

And so I remember spring…short-lived, glorious spring. All those Saturdays spent happily outdoors in the company of friends – pottering around at Hauz Khas Village or Dilli Haat or Khan Market…the Delhi flower show (where this picture was taken)…theater and open air performances …

It’s a long wait for better weather…but this day brings hope.

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5 thoughts on “Spring: A burst of color

  1. Beautiful picture and written description. I live in Central Florida and can share in a little of the pain of hot-humid summers and wishing for a slight break…(or even just a breeze).

    hi from mk’s

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