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Copyright Regulations for images and content on Shutterbug.

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What happens when you steal images from Shutterbug?

You will only be given one warning. If It is unheeded, I will proceed to the following steps after I have gathered definite proof of your copyright violation:

    I will report this copyright violation to your web hosting company and attempt to get all your websites suspended. If you switch to another company, I’ll report you as well.
    I will report your website as spam to all the search engines in order for you to be blacklisted. This will destroy your search rankings. It’s not worth it.
    I will let every social network or forum you are a member of know that you are a content thief. Say goodbye to your reputation.

While I understand & support the concept of fair use, you should know that I reserve all rights to images and content on Shutterbug. The images here are not released under a Creative Commons license. Please do respect the copyright regulations listed. Play nice and you won’t get burned.


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